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This is a half time position with the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Chatham, Massachusetts.  A major role of the minister is to lead Sunday services on 20-26 Sundays on an average of two per month. Other important parts of the position are providing pastoral care and engaging with the congregation.  The minister helps to develop the spiritual community and a thriving church community by conducting ceremonies, engaging in community outreach, participation as needed in Board and committee meetings, and related functions.  All of this is done with flexibility in a cooperative manner. 


Duties and Responsibilities


1.      Sunday services- Prepares 20-26 Sunday services in conjunction with the plans of the Worship Services Committee.   Services usually feature a sermon along with service components appropriate to the theme and the worship format with variations as appropriate to enhance variety and creative expression.  While there is freedom of the pulpit services relate to accepted UU principles and the sensibilities of the congregation.   The schedule of services is developed in agreement with the Worship Services Committee.  The minister uses appropriate time in relation to other duties to thoughtfully and adequately prepare sermons and services.

2.      Pastoral Care- Works with the Pastoral Care Committee to identify UUMH members who may benefit from personal contact with the minister.  This is a team effort to help reach out to members in need and to support the ongoing needs of the congregation as a whole.


3.      Community Outreach- Encourages interaction and the development of relations with members and organizations in the broader community to raise awareness of UUMH, to develop positive community relations, to encourage mutually beneficial arrangements, and to attract new members.  This may involve events, programs, social justice initiatives, adult learning opportunities, and meaningful activities to promote mutually positive regard, support, and increased understanding.


4.      Congregational Relations- Uses various approaches as practical to get to know congregational members, their interests, concerns, aspirations, and activities, with emphasis on spiritual and religious modalities and practices.  This may include discussions within services, coffee hour, conversations on the porch, participation in committee or Board of Trustee meetings, discussion with the Program Council Chair and other means of interaction. Office hours are two times per week, and may be incorporated in other meetings.


5.      Ceremonies- Presides at or leads ceremonies for weddings, memorial services and similar services.  Members are not charged additional fees, but appropriate compensation may be arranged with nonmembers.


6.      Other- Utilizes study time, vacation, and sick leave as agreed by contract.  The minister is expected to concentrate on spiritual and religious leadership without involvement in major administrative or supervisory duties on a regular basis.  Interaction with other staff is primarily collegial and cooperative to achieve shared goals.


7.      Accountability- In addition to accountability to professional standards for Unitarian Universalist ministers, the minister reports to the Board of Trustees of the UUMH.  This may require attendance at meetings of the BOT as requested and/or regular monthly meetings with the President of the BOT.


​Unitarian Universalist

Meeting House of Chatham
Sunday Services  10:30 AM

819 Main Street
All MAIL To: PO Box 18​​
Chatham, MA 02633
(508) 945-2075

Serving our Cape Cod Community in Chatham since 1986

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