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Below is a sampling of some of our sermons.

Rev. Tracy Johnson

Rev. Tracy Johson - Where are we now? Where are we headed? What will it take to bridge the two? Lessons from a time of study and learning. 

Rev. Tracy Johnson

Rev. Tracy Johnson - This is the first tenet of our mission statement. Today we will take a deeper dive into what that means. 

Anne LeClaire - How a late-in-life passion for Tango became a lesson in the possibility of finding joy regardless of one’s life circumstances. 

Anne LeClaire.jpg

Anne LeClaire

Wilderness Sarchild & Chuck Madansky - How to work through conflicts that arise in meetings and interpersonal relationships.

Rev. Tracy Johnson - Borrowing from a decades-old organization and powerful book, let's explore the state of things for women and their bodies in 2022.

Wilderness Sarchild & Chuck Madansky.jpg

Wilderness Sarchild & ChuckMadansky

Rev. Bill Clark - What is it that we call forth in a typical Unitarian Universalist service? Is it a theistic god or a Pagan goddess? Is it Buddha, nature, or Scientific theories?

UUMH Member, Dana McCoy, and Music Director, Frank Toppa inspire joy while performing one of our favorite pieces about dance!

Brooke Eaton-Skea - The truth about homelessness and housing instability among youth and young adults on the Lower and Outer Cape and how we can address is together.

Rev. Paul Sprecher - William Ellery Channing who gave the sermon that named one of our traditions "Unitarian," and he also spoke on one key idea that still informs our tradition to this day: "Salvation by Character," which remains a guide for each of us seeking wholeness in our lives.

Rev. Tracy Johnson - The Easter story is full of the desires of long-ago peoples. To what lengths will we go to ensure that our desires are met?

Joe Zahka - The rainforest is more than an environment. It is a place where people live and make a living. It appears to be a lush paradise, but appearances are deceiving. The forest is fragile and the act of living in it can cause it damage. The rainforest has a lot to teach us about living sustainably.

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Rainforest Joe Zahka


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