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UUMH Chatham
We Invite You to Join Us

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Membership is easy when you bring who you are.

Meaning of Membership
Our members share in a search for truth and meaning and respect and support one another. This means that every person helps shape, expand, and contribute to the shared mission within our community and out in the larger world.
Benefits of Membership are the following: we offer opportunities for growth; engagement and acceptance; religious exploration for children and adults; and the support and comfort of an open and caring community.
As a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation, you are able to participate in group decisions, shape the life and mission of the Meeting House through your commitments, and identify with a community that challenges and encourages its people to practice their highest ideals.

Joining UUMH is a significant step in your spiritual journey. Our members commit to deepening their spiritual growth through exploration, teaching, education, service, and pursuit of justice in the broader community.
The Pathway to Membership

  • Join us for services, share coffee, and talk with members, explore our website to learn more.

  • Get Involved!  One of the best ways to meet people and feel like you belong is to get involved. For example, small ministry groups, candlelight dinners, potlucks, and Learning for Life classes provide excellent ways to meet other members and have fun. These activities are open to all, regardless of membership status. You will find that most of our members participate in one or more activities that support the life of our UU community or provide outreach to the world beyond.

  • Engage in new member orientation discussions with our minister, Rev Tracy Johnson, and key UUMH leaders to learn more about this congregation and the Unitarian Universalist tradition.

  • Sign the membership book to become a voting member of UUMH.

  • Join us to be welcomed at new member Sunday.  Once each year we welcome our newest members and honor their decisions to join our congregation.  Starting with a new member breakfast with UUMH leaders, we celebrate with a special ceremony during a Sunday Service. 

  • Fill out a pledge card.

  • The work of UUMH is supported entirely by our members and friends, and we hope that those who join will consider donating generously. Pledges are good-faith estimates of how much each of us expects to give during the coming year.




Questions about membership can be answered by UUMH Membership Co-Chairs Bonnie Brydges (508-432-2509; or Kathy Nye (518) 424-5258, our minister Rev. Tracy Johnson, members of our Board of Trustees, and members of our congregation.  When you become a member of UUMH, you become part of a growing, living institution. Our community is one of offering and receiving, supporting and nurturing, exploring, and growing. Yes, we want and need you to get involved, worship with us, and grow in your spiritual life. We invite you to join us. 


We Are Unitarian Universalists

We Are Unitarian Universalists

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​Unitarian Universalist

Meeting House of Chatham
Sunday Services  10:30 AM

819 Main Street
All MAIL To: PO Box 18​​
Chatham, MA 02633
(508) 945-2075

Serving our Cape Cod Community in Chatham since 1986

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