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Upcoming Sunday Services


Sunday Services begin at 10:30 AM.

Please join us in person or by Zoom.

Sunday, March 26th - "Wild Souls" - Rev. Tracy Johnson

Listening to our wild souls is a way to discover what is most meaningful to us as individuals and as a congregation. As we prepare for the coming church year, I invite us into a time of soul-searching for the good of the whole.

Sunday, April 2nd - "Accolades of the Artichoke" - Rev. Bill Clark  

What does the quality of this ancient vegetable have to do with love, hearts, and survival?

Sunday, April 9th - "Tempted?" - Rev. Tracy Johnson

Our theme this month is resistance and today we celebrate Easter, a holiday steeped in resistance.  How is resistance alive for you in our times?  Where do we struggle with temptation?

Sunday, April 16th - Laurie Nobles

"The Humane Vision of Walt Whitman: Standing on the side of Love"

At no time has Whitman's compassion, his celebration of our differences, or his profound humanity been more important than today.


Sunday, April 23rd - "The Sounds of Silence" - Rev. Tracy Johnson

I join you this week having just returned from seven days in silent meditation.  So much bubbles up when we give it the opportunity to! This morning I will share some insights that seem particularly pertinent to our journey together at UUMH.


Sunday, April 30th - "Work and Play" - Rev. Tracy Johnson

Tomorrow is May Day.  Today we will look at two of its faces, look for our theme in their midst and, if all goes well, gather around the Maypole to celebrate together!

Upcoming Sunday Services

Nurturing inclusive community

Seeking justice and equity

Encouraging free minds and spirits


​Unitarian Universalist

Meeting House of Chatham
Sunday Services  10:30 AM

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