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Dolly Howell - 2022 Winner


Congratulations to Past and Present Annual Fleck Award Winners - for their Services and Contributions to the Meeting House.

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Judy Reed - 2018 Winner

Sunday Services begin at 10:30 AM. Please join us in person or by Zoom.

Sunday, July 3rd - "Let Freedom Ring" - Rev. Tracy Johnson
We hear a lot of talk about freedom these days.  What do we mean by that and how does it manifest itself in our lives?

Sunday, July 10th - "Changing the Narrative For Effective Communication And Action On Gun Violence"

- Donna Wald, President of Grandmothers Against Gun Violence will speak on her group’s mission.

Sunday, July 17th - "Poverty Redefined" - Rev. Tracy Johnson
Spurred on by life experience, public radio, and notions of a better way, together we will explore alternatives to the age-old poverty line.

Sunday, July 24th - "What's In Your Box? Part One" - Rev. Tracy Johnson
In our shared ministry at UUMH, we recognize that we all have something to add to the mix. Today we will take another look at the concept of shared ministry and how it can move us forward as a vibrant congregation here in Chatham.

Sunday, July 31st - "Civic Engagement: Responsibility or Luxury" - Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan
Civic engagement by the few can determine the regulations that affect us all, and it is their prevailing perspective that confers legitimacy on the outcome. Dr. Venkatesan will discuss examples highlighting how small groups have influenced regulation and social norms, and how this has been to the benefit and detriment of society, starting with slavery and up to the most recent SCOTUS decision on June 24 overturning Roe v. Wade.

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Link to revisit printed sermon: "Teach the Children Well"

On Sunday, June 19th, Rev. Tracy led our recognition of Father's Day. Members were invited to bring in their precious images.

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