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Monthly Monday Book Club - March 18th, 10 AM

Branching Out - Thursday, March 28th, 2:30 PM

Saturday Meditation - Weekly at 9:30 AM

Small Groups - Assorted Days/Times

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Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday Services
Please join us in person or by Zoom. Access Zoom HERE.

Sunday, March 3rd - "Frayed But Not Afraid" - Rev. Tracy Johnson  

How are you feeling around the edges?  Today we will talk about what is giving us a sense of unrest and what is possible for a sense of peace.

Sunday, March 10th - " The Value of a Woman" - Madhavi Venkatesan
In our economy, the value of nearly all activities is conveyed in monetary terms but how do we value those that are not paid for, yet priceless to the recipient? Money is a poor measure of the value of a woman.
Madhavi Venkatesan is a faculty member in the Department of Economics at Northeastern University, a faculty affiliate of the Vermont Law and Graduate School, the founder and executive director of the Cape Cod-based non-profit Sustainable Practices, and the editor-in-chief of the journal Sustainability and Climate Change. A routine contributor to the discourse on sustainability, having written articles, chapters, and books, as well as being an internationally invited public speaker on the relationship between economics and sustainability, she is actively engaged in operationalizing sustainability to promote a future aligned to the well-being of all the Earth’s inhabitants.


Sunday, March 17th - "Seeds for the New Year" - Rev. Sofia  Betancourt

A sermon by the President of the UUA,  including Time for All Ages: Bridge of Flowers by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna- Samarasinha

Sunday, March 24th - "Toward Emergence" - Rev. Tracy Johnson

I hope by now you have read my newsletter column!  How did we get here?  Where exactly are we?  And what might the future hold?


Sunday, March 31st - "A Band of Believers" - Rev. Tracy Johnson

On this Easter Sunday in a month focused on transformation, we will explore what happened to that band of followers and the ways they were transformed.  What shifted for them that has meaning for us?

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Opening in May

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Report from the Search Committee, January 2024
We are currently in the process of meeting with several candidates hoping to become our part-time minister when Rev. Tracy moves on in June. We are reviewing their online responses to questions, conducting interviews, contacting references, and consulting with UUA staff. We expect to have a recommendation for the Board of Directors of UUMH and a proposed contract by early spring. The Board makes the final decision and will approve a contract with the minister. We are grateful for Rev. Tracy's caring and exceptional service for nearly four years as our Minister. As she moves on in June to the opportunities that lie ahead, we wish her all the best. Meanwhile, we hope to have a new minister in place this summer. While names and details about the candidates are kept confidential, the process is an open one. Members may contact any of the committee members if they have any questions about this process.
UUMH Search committee: Liz Van Wye, Sally Davol, John Raye, Debbie Zahka, and Dave Van Wye

Nurturing inclusive community

Seeking justice and equity

Encouraging free minds and spirits


​Unitarian Universalist

Meeting House of Chatham
Sunday Services  10:30 AM

819 Main Street
All MAIL To: PO Box 18​​
Chatham, MA 02633
(508) 945-2075

Serving our Cape Cod Community in Chatham since 1986

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