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UUMH in Chatham has hired Reverend Chris McMahon as its new minister beginning July.  Details here.

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The Board of Trustees of UUMH in Chatham hired Reverend Chris McMahon as its new minister as of
July 1st.  
News Release

Sunday, July 21st - "Together Women Rise" - Sally Davol
Together Women Rise (Rise) is a powerful community of women and allies dedicated to achieving global gender equality. We will explore how the Rise program works, and learn about a grant recipient based in Rwanda.

Sunday, July 28th - "Spirituality and the Sea" - Rev. Chris McMahon

All human beings exist in three dimensions – body, mind and spirit. The focus on each can be different in each person, and these can change through the stages of life. Yet a balance between body, mind, and spirit is essential for a person to be happy and fulfilled. Human beings have always been drawn to the sea. Those of us who live on Cape Cod know this very well. There is a magic and mystery in the sea, and it can be a strong source of spiritual enlightenment and personal renewal. It can help foster and grow our spiritual dimension.



Seeking Coffee Hour Volunteer to Host a Week or Two - See Sue B.

Nurturing inclusive community

Seeking justice and equity

Encouraging free minds and spirits


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