UUMH Chatham Committees

Art Exhibits (Beth Avery, Chair)

Organizes and curates rotating art exhibits by UUMH members and guest artists in the Fleck Room of the Meeting House.

Building and Grounds (Joe Zahka, Chair)

Develops plans and executes projects relating to the physical facilities and grounds of the Meeting House in order to provide members of the congregation with a comfortable and safe place of worship and meeting. Prepares annual budget and controls associated expenditures. Contracts for major maintenance and approved capital projects.

Denominational Affairs (Robin Hubbard, Chair)

Stays in touch with happenings at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and the Ballou-Channing District of the UUA, attends District and Cape Cod Cluster meetings and keeps interested members apprised of coming events.

Finance (Joe Zahka, Chair)

Advises the Board of Trustees on financial matters dealing with budget preparation, Operating Fund performance versus budget, projections of results, accounting methods, audits, and other fiscal matters and questions presented by the Board or Congregation. The Treasurer serves as Chair of the Finance Committee, works closely with the Administrator, and reports regularly to the Committee and Board. Monthly meetings of the Committee are open to all UUMH Members.


Hospitality (Janet Jansson, Chair)

Assists the Worship Services Committee in recruiting ushers and hosts for Sunday Services, reminding them, and submitting their names for inclusion in the Order of Service. Purchases supplies as needed, and posts guidelines for those on duty each Sunday.

Membership (Elizabeth VanWye & David VanWye, Co-Chairs)

Welcomes newcomers, contact potential new members and helps to integrate new members into the life of the Congregation. Conducts ongoing campaigns to attract visitors to the Meeting House and build membership.

Music (Joan Caputo, Chair)

Works with the Music Director and Minister to maintain high standards for the music of the Meeting House. Coordinates all musical activities during the year, plans for the Music Director’s Sundays off, and takes full responsibility for music on Sunday Services during the summer.

Pastoral Care (Sue Bauer)

Assists the Minister in meeting the pastoral care needs of the congregation, through the home and hospital visits. Administers the Food & Comfort Program, which provides meals when needed by shut-ins; and the Helping Hands Program, which finds volunteers to help those in need. The goal is to ensure that no one in the Meeting House needs to face life’s struggles alone.

Religious Education (Dorria Marsh & Margaret Tompsett, Co-Chairs)

This Committee at present has a Chairperson who works with the Youth Programs Director to provide Religious Education for children and youth each Sunday during the regular school year. As the number of child participants grows, parents and others will be invited to join the Committee, as needed. In addition to the Sunday School, the Committee and Director organize and conduct activities of the Beacon Outreach Program, which attracts children from the community to join our own in participating in town-wide activities supporting social causes.

Social Justice and Outreach (Joan Caputo, Chair)

Works to apply our religious and ethical values to important issues of the day. Supports individuals or groups in the congregation who would like to pursue such issues. Educates the congregation about social justice issues through films, workshops, and lectures. Organizes volunteers to provide services and support to the disadvantaged in our community.

Stewardship (Ralph Bauer, Chair)

Organizes and conducts the Annual Canvass of Members and Friends, and advises the Finance Committee and Board of expected results. During the year, the Stewardship Committee follows progress in receipt of pledge payments, and takes appropriate action as needed, including inviting pledges from new Members during the year.


Worship Services (Dorothy Howell, Chair)

Fills the pulpit and plans special services for Sundays when the Minister is absent. Assigns persons to do Welcome and Announcements at Sunday Services, and provides Service Leaders as required. Advises and works closely with the Minister on matters affecting worship, including Orders of Service and physical and aesthetic aspects of the sanctuary. Receives comments from members and provides feedback to the Minister on recent Services.

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