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  • Do you welcome people of different faiths?
    Absolutely. Many of our members were raised in other faith traditions, including couples in which the two individuals have different religious backgrounds. Unitarian Universalists believe that revelation is ongoing and that truths can be found in many sources. Our services include elements and wisdom drawn from many religions.

  • Are same-sex couples welcome?
    Definitely. Within our Unitarian Universalist denomination, we are designated as a Welcoming Congregation, which refers specifically to a pledge we have taken as a congregation to welcome all members of the LGBT community. Same-sex couples are encouraged to be married in our sanctuary.

  • Is the church handicap-accessible?
    The church is fully handicap-accessible. We have a ramp into the church building on the Main Street side and a newly-installed lift connecting the two levels in the building. There is handicapped parking directly in front of the church doors on the Old Queen Anne Road (lower) side of the building. You can also ask one of our ushers for large-print hymnals and orders of service, and hearing-amplification devices.

  • Where do I park?
    There is on-street parking on Oyster Furlong, off Queen Anne Road, across from the lower level of the church. Visitors may wish to park in the back of the Chatham Market/CVS lot, or at the Post Office across from the upper level.


  • What does it cost to attend?
    Nothing. You are our guest. During the worship service, there is an offertory during which members place cash gifts, or checks toward their annual pledges, in collection bags. You are welcome to let these pass, or, if you feel more comfortable, to put in a token monetary gift.


  • What should I wear?
    The dress you will see is varied; most people choose to dress in ways that could be described as casual but neat or dressy casual. You may find yourself seated between a person in jeans and another in more formal wear.

  • May my child visit a religious education class?
    We’d be delighted to have your child as our guest. Age-appropriate curricula are chosen with great care to nurture and further your child’s spiritual and moral development. Children meet with the Director of Religious Education in the front of the sanctuary before the Service and participate in the early part of the Service, before leaving to go next door to the Annex for their class. If you do choose to drop your child off, please take a moment to visit with the Director. It is especially important that you notify us of any known allergies that your child has.

  • May my child stay with me during the service?
    Children are welcome to stay with their parents during the service. Occasionally we have intergenerational worship services for the whole congregation and have programs put on by the children.

  • May I visit a religious education class with my child?
    Certainly. That can be a way to make a first visit comfortable for a young child. As a parent, you have a right to know what your child is learning. We believe religious education begins first at home and our goal is to partner with parents in the further spiritual development of children. You are always welcome to stay with your child.


  • How can I learn about Meeting House news and events?
    Our website has updated and current information about news and events. We also have a monthly newsletter and a weekly bulletin, both accessible on our website on the welcome page and listed under communications. You do not need to be a member to subscribe.


  • If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, simply send an e-mail to Communications Coordinator Karen Murdock at karen@chathamuu.org with E-MAIL LIST in your subject line and she will be glad to send you our next weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter.

  • How do I know if this congregation is right for me?
    Come check us out! We are confident that you will find yourselves in the midst of a vibrant community, committed to helping each other as we progress on our spiritual journeys. Whenever you are looking for a congregational home, try to visit at least three to five times. That will give you a good feel for congregational life, the variety of worship services, and the different opportunities. Then trust your feelings. Congregations of different denominations and even within a single denomination all have different personalities. We hope we are a good fit for you. It’s easy. Just join our e-mail list, and when you are ready, come to a service!


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