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Font Preset - Click on edit text - and the presets are second from left under "Styles"

Title  -  White 32 px (Header at top of page - Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Chatham)

Menu  - White 17px (Navigation Menu Text)

Page title - Black 28px (Title on each page - Welcome on Home page, About Us on About Us...)

Heading XL - Black 25px

Heading L -  Black 20px

Heading M - Black 18px

Heading S - White 15 px (this is used in the Header for "Open Minds - Loving Hearts... and Sunday

Body L
- White 15px  (Used in Header for "Open Minds..." and Text in Side boxes like the list of Upcoming Events on the home page)

Body M - Black 15 px (Main Content on all pages - this is the setting that will appear when you insert a paragraph)

Body S - Black 13px (This is used on the homepage in the small boxes toward the bottom)

Body XS - Black 10px (I don't think we currently use this but you might use it for something like picture captions)

Box Presets

Box Style 1

This box is not visible to the eye but is used to group objects together. 

Box Style 2

Used on home page for three boxes with links.

Box Style 3

Not in use but looks the same as the frame settings for the water color image of the church on the home page.

Box Style 4

Used on home page for Upcoming Events and on Thrift Shop page for Hours.

Notes on Boxes:  

There are four box presets, but you can change the settings on an individual box to meet your needs (the lavender box above was created this way).  Override the presets of any box by  clicking on a box  and then:

   > click on Change Style > click on Personalize this Box at top of settings box.


You can change the outline, shadow, and background color in the settings.  A box with text inside of it will stretch to the length of the text box, but you will need to reduce the length of the box if the text box is decreased in size. >


​Unitarian Universalist

Meeting House of Chatham
Sunday Services  10:30 AM

819 Main Street
All MAIL To: PO Box 18​​
Chatham, MA 02633
(508) 945-2075

Serving our Cape Cod Community in Chatham since 1986

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