“What’s for Dinner?”

I grew up in the meat and potatoes sixties! Nary a meal went by that did not include a protein, a starch, and a vegetable. No doubt it was a sign of prosperity and pride for my father to be able to provide such a wealth of foods. Part of what made that sustainable was the huge garden that we all tended in the back yard – weeding and watering nightly during the growing season; shucking peas and corn, stemming green beans; prep work for the next steps. My father canned and froze some of almost everything he grew; made tomato sauce and pickles and jelly; root veggies went into the cold cellar under the stairs below the kitchen. “Putting food by” was a way of life for us. We were blessed

“Stop and Smell the . . .”

Sometimes I get my news in lighter ways by calling up the late-night comics and listening to their monologues and interviews. Comedians have long been some of the most observant of social commentators. I came of age in the era of George Carlin and the original ‘Not Ready for Primetime Players.”. You likely have your own memories from whatever decade your social awareness was sparked. These days I am inclined to catch up with the likes of Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, John Oliver and the current SNL cast of characters. They have a way of directing us to the uncomfortable side of our reality that gets the point across without the harsh abruptness of the nightly news. They state the obvious most

“Mission Driven”

So, there I was, sitting in the minister’s office at the Meeting House, surveying my surroundings, soaking up what I could of the place, in an effort to know it better. I had happened upon the poster a couple of times, but this time I stopped, to actually read its message! It had no bold title and I wasn’t sure exactly what I had stumbled on – a statement of values? – a vision for the future? – a mission perhaps? What was its origin I wondered, its history? I wonder how many of you have heard it before; how many had a part in its creation; this statement that Liz has shared with us in our reading. When the August Newsletter arrived I was so grateful for Sue Bauer’s unsolicited page one r

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​Sunday Service 10:30 AM

Unitarian Universalist

Meeting House of Chatham

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