Beloved Memory

Thought for Contemplation: The very first Memorial Day, the story goes, was originated by newly freed slaves in Charleston, South Carolina, who gathered May 5, 1865, to express their gratitude to the Union soldiers who had perished in an open-air Confederate prison. - Michelle Richards, UU World 5/30/2011 Adin Ballou, author of the hymn “Years Are Coming,” was minister in both of our ancestral faiths, first as a Universalist and later as a Unitarian. He dedicated his life to non-violence. He believed that non-violence could be effective even in cases of extreme personal danger, and in opposing each and every war. Here are two examples from his pamphlet “Christian Non-Resistance in Ex


Have you ever done one of those exercises where you try to get to the bottom of something that is working away at you; the big assumption that underlies the question at hand? I have done this on more than one occasion in groups exploring root causes, personal and professional and have even led a cohort of colleagues through the process while in seminary studying leadership and change. You begin with an ideal or commitment or value that begs for exploration, primarily because you are struggling with making it a reality in your life or work. Next you make note of things you are doing or not doing instead; your competing or contradicting behaviors. Third you take an inventory of hidden comp

Reflections on the Divine Feminine

When I first entered the Unitarian Universalist ministry back in the mid-1960s, some 55 plus years ago, one of the things I noted at the time was that there were very few women ministers engaged in the practice of ministry. UU ministerial gatherings were, sorry to say, still pretty much a boys club, with a few token exceptions here and there. I remember a ministers study group I belonged to, the Greenfield Group, taking up the topic of feminist theology, but there were no female members in the group at the time. (I think there were two in waiting as it were). But here we were a group of UU male clergy doing our best to come to terms with the challenges of feminist theology, without the benef

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