The Thanks That Keeps On Giving

As I wrap up my almost dozen years at the Meeting House, I am subject to bouts of longing and sadness. And all that I think I know of human psychology says that there is no magical cure for longing and sadness. Sometimes these hard feelings are quite appropriate to the situation in which we find ourselves, and that includes the present one. You have expressed and are expressing great affection for me, and I am feeling great affection for you. A sadness is a very appropriate rational reaction when you are about to part from folks for whom you feel affection. Yet we are here upon Thanksgiving, the holiday when we are supposed to find something to be thankful for. How can we feel thankful

By Everything That Is Holy

The title of this sermon might be a common oath, the kind of thing a speaker might have said in olden days to underline the depth of his or her sincerity. Now oaths are used in cursing, but they are also a way of trying to make what one says more credible. Witnesses in courtrooms and public officials on assuming office, might use an oath naming God directly, as in “so help me God.” But many religions frown on bringing God into secular matters, and Jehovah’s Witnesses or Quakers will not normally take an oath naming God. One alterative is to broaden God into everything holy. This congregation is largely humanist, if the recent survey is to be believed, and that is my experience of you. S

Heroes and Sheroes

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Historically, Veteran’s Day was called Armistice Day for in the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month one hundred one years ago, the guns of the Great War fell silent as an Armistice went into effect. Some have said it was as if you could hear the voice of God talking in the silence when the roar of war had been heard for four years. But with the advent of Memorial Day in late May, Armistice Day has become Veterans Day, whose theme is to thank all members of the military forces for their service to the country. The theme of Memorial Day is to remember those who died in that service. You may remember that last week we celebrated All Soul’s Day by

Virtue Signaling

Robert Burns wrote “O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!”[1] Today I want to turn our attention on liberals, a category in which I would put myself as would many of you. I want to explore a couple of terms used about liberals which are not considered complimentary. One is “virtue signaling.” “Virtue signaling” is the practice of advertising ones own righteousness. I’ll use myself as an example. When hybrid cars first started to appear on the market, I realized that if I had one it would reduce my own personal carbon footprint, which is what I think we all should be doing to avert climate change. It was many years before I could afford one, but I finally mana

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