Driven to Distraction?

I preached last week on expecting the unexpected, how we can hold expectations about the future but need to be willing to reassess those expectations in light of the march of events. We can’t make the world conform to our expectations, but we can avoid investing so much in those expectations that we are thrown for a loop. Today I want to get at much the same thing by another route. Our news media and social media feed us numerous stories of amazing complexity, and characters who do not act as we might expect them to act. And one of the most distressing aspects of this is that we don’t know what stories deserves our deepest attention. We are often presented with stories which outrage us, b

Expecting the Unexpected

One of my favorite definitions: a minister is a person who tells you what you need to hear. What I’m going to say this morning is in some ways an act of self-ministry; it is what I need to hear. But I can do that in my bathroom mirror; I wouldn’t be preaching it if I didn’t think it is also what you need to hear. What we all need to hear on this Columbus Day weekend 2019 is to expect the unexpected. We are at a tender time in the course of national events and that uncertainty is mirrored in our life in this congregation, when you have a ministerial transition ahead of you and in my own life, when I have a congregational transition looking me in the face. You hear the phrase “expect the u

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