The Collapse Of Reality

John Adams was the second President of the United States and also a fine lawyer. And the most famous case of his legal career was his defense of British soldiers charged with murder in the incident which we now call the Boston Massacre in 1770. It was ironic for a figure who would go on to be so central in guiding the course of the revolution to take on such an unpopular cause as defending the soldiers of the hated British who had fired on unarmed colonists. And of course it was a white-on-black homicide, for the first colonist to fall was Crispus Attucks, a free black citizen of Boston. Adams gave an impassioned defense of his clients and the jury acquitted them all. One sentence of his

Six Days Shall You Labor

Here at Labor Day, I want to consider the role of work in our lives. I take my title and the jumping-off point for these reflections from the fourth of the Ten Commandments, but to understand that you have to first recall the first of the two creation myths in the Book of Genesis. Remember that Genesis has two stories of how God created the world, very different and written at different times. Adam and Eve and the Garden and the serpent and the idea of original sin, those are all in the second story of how this world was created. In the first story, which is the first chapter of Genesis and one verse of the second, creation starts in a formless chaos out of which God speaks the elements

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