The Transient And the Permanent on Cape Cod

A little more than a year ago, I preached a sermon called “The Transient And the Permanent in Liberal Religion.” I recognized the decline in membership and Sunday attendance at this Meeting House and the financial bind that put us in, and I concluded that one of the things I could be doing is to try to help articulate a sense of mission, to answer the question of what we’re doing here. As precedent, I reached back to the title of the one of the most influential sermons in Unitarian history, Theodore Parker’s 1841 talk at an ordination which he called “The Transient and Permanent in Christianity. In his sermon, Parker tried to distinguish between the forms of a religion and the essence of th

What America Do We Want Back?

I want to talk today about competing visions for America’s future and to do that I have to talk about some recent words broadcast by President Trump. I try to avoid overtly political subjects in my preaching, but there are some times when public events have such a clear religious dimension that a preacher can’t ignore them altogether if he wants to do what the congregation called him to do. In Unitarian Universalism our first principle is to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of all people. When, in July, Donald Trump tweeted that the Squad of Four, four progressive freshmen Congresswomen each of whom was a person of color, should “go back where they came from,” this princip

You Think This Is Hot?

When I was a kid I went to Sky Valley Pioneer Camp which emphasized roughing it. We’d start the morning with skinny-dipping in a cold mountain lake. And there were hikes. At the end of the session they would total up all the miles you had hiked and give you a certificate, and it was a great honor to get a high-mileage certificate. But what I remember most acutely from those long hikes in the hot North Carolina sun is that just when you were about at your thirstiest, when you had sweated out all the liquid you started with, some cruel counselor would yell from the rear of the line, “let’s move over to the right, boys, here comes the pink-lemonade truck.” Well of course there was no real

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