Memory and Honor

It’s Memorial Day weekend. That’s not just about barbecues and beaches and boats and traffic tie-ups. It’s a holiday in which we are all invited to reflect on the people who died in the service of their country. Remember that Veterans day in November is to remember and thank all who served in the military. Memorial Day is to remember those who did not make it back. I’ve told before a story which illustrates this. In a large and old church, there was a wall with a lot of names on it, names of the church members who served in the military but did not return. The pastor was passing by this wall one morning just before Sunday services and he saw little 12-year-old Johnny looking at the wall, his

Channing: Reluctant Radical

Unitarianism as a religion in America has a founding date, and that is May 6, 1819; two hundred years and two weeks ago. It was on that day that William Ellery Channing of Boston preached his sermon “Unitarian Christianity” at the new Independent Church in Baltimore on the occasion of the ordination of its first minister. Though there had been a quiet movement within New England Congregationalism of rationalistic liberals for sixty years before that moment, that was the occasion in which American Unitarianism came out of the closet, accepted the name Unitarian which its opponents had been trying to hang on it, and issued a clear statement of its disagreement with the prevailing Calvinist m

Mother May I?

This Mother’s Day there is a peculiar attitude among my UU colleagues. Many of them are not preaching on the holiday and some are not even acknowledging it in their services. It’s as if we’ve suddenly discovered that its history was tainted by the slave trade or something. I am curious as to why my colleagues are turned off, but I continue with enthusiasm. It is complicated, but it has always been complicated. Some people, like myself, are not equipped by their bodies to be mothers, and many women have not been mothers through choice or circumstances. So the experience of being a mother is not universal and sometimes the whole question of being a mother can be accompanied with great sadn

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