Resurrection, Part 2

This is the second of two sermons trying to lay out my views on the central theological issues of orthodox Christianity, since it is likely that this is the last Easter I will serve you as minister. Let me repeat that under UU polity, what I say here is one person’s opinion; there is no such thing as speaking ex cathedra or ministerial infallibility. You take what sounds convincing to you and reject what does not. Let’s start with the central orthodox Christian claim that not only did Jesus rise from the dead and ascend into heaven after being cruelly and publicly killed, but that this death and resurrection was a turning point in world history and altered God’s plan for humanity because his

Resurrection, Part 1

April 14, 2019 – Palm Sunday Just because something is fantastic does not mean it’s not true or real. This week a world-wide network of scientists and radio telescopes produced the first picture of a black hole, in a galaxy 55 million light-years away. The radio telescopes, including one at the South Pole, were linked into a network which made them virtually one telescope as big as the earth. The idea of black holes is utterly fantastic, but it has now been empirically verified and we have a picture to prove it. And as we contemplate the Easter story, we’re prone to ask, if scientists can verify fantastic claims on the other side of the universe, can it prove or disprove that one person t

Primal Laughter

We often think that humans are the only animals with language, and we think that humans are the only animals with laughter. But we just saw a film that had chimpanzees doing a kind of laughter, but not quite like human laughter. And this makes me wonder whether laughter is older than language, or indeed, whether language evolved from laughter. Consider the place of the Word in religion. Religions in every culture are inextricably bound with language, and this is particularly true in the Western Monotheist traditions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In the creation story recognized by all three, in Genesis, God speaks the world into existence. He says, "let there be light!" and there is

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