Hells We Create

I talked two weeks ago about the Hell that most Christians used to believe in, a place of torment and punishment in the afterlife. Our Universalist forebears believed that it was impossible that a loving God would design and run an enterprise of such cruelty. So we often say, in shorthand, that Universalists don’t believe in hell, and that is true if hell is defined as that place of punishment in the hereafter. But in our Saturday workshop we have been talking about the criminal justice system this month, and the criminal justice system is very much concerned with punishment in this lifetime. This is a sort of hell on earth, and it won’t do to say we don’t believe in it. You can go take a

Freedom From Belief

It lifts my heart to welcome my old friend Herb Silverman and his wife Sharon Fratepietro to Chatham from Charleston. It brings back some of the old days; if every case I had was as much fun as Herb’s, I wouldn’t be standing here today as a minister rather than a lawyer. I hope you will indulge me a little to tell the story as I remember it, and add a few reflections of my own, and then Herb will take it from there later on downstairs. If anything I say differs from what he says, he’s right because he wrote a book about it. Herb was a math professor at the College of Charleston when he walked into my law office one day in 1990 and asked me if I was aware that you had to believe in God in

Who Owns the Church?

Who owns the church? You do! Let me repeat that question, who owns the church? The answer is the same: you do. I could sit down now, but I think it bears some explanation of why the answer is clearly that you own the church. Before the history, though, we have to understand why it matters. This morning it matters that you own the church for two reasons: first, as I think everyone here knows, I have worked out an agreement with the President and treasurer, approved by the Board of Trustees unanimously at their meeting last week, that I will retire from serving this Meeting House as minister on January 1, 2020, a little over nine months from now. The second reason is that today marks the

Morality Without Punishment?

I am generally what might be called an asportsual; I follow football and baseball only if New England teams are winning. But January 20 found me in front of the TV watching the Patriots win the AFC championship in Kansas City in about the most exciting football game I had ever witnessed in my lifetime. They went on to win the Super Bowl in a considerably duller game. But the pleasure of watching that league championship is now tarnished by the news that the billionaire owner of the Patriots was caught up not once but twice in a police sting operation in Jupiter, Florida paying for sex at a massage parlor. Right before that league championship game in Kansas City. A couple of details in th

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