Can a Robot Replace Santa Claus?

Unitarian Universalist Meeting House December 14,2018 Does anybody remember what a pinspotter is? It’s a person who works in a bowling alley, whose job is to set up the bowling pins between the attempts each bowler makes to knock them down. When I was a child most bowling alleys in the city had machines that did this work, but in the summer time we went to a bowling alley at the beach that didn’t have machines and still hired teenagers to do this work. We have come a long way in making machines to do the work that people used to do. Soon it is predicted that cars and trucks will be so smart they will be able to drive themselves, and then people who drive for a living – such as taxi driver

Everyday Miracles

Unitarian Universalist Meeting House December 9, 2018 We are well into the season of wonder. Two weeks ago I talked about the stress and chaos and loneliness of the holidays. Last week I talked about the Hanukkah story, how the miracle of one day’s supply of lamp oil lasting eight days took place against the backdrop of a brutal war of liberation. Tomorrow is the last day of Hanukkah but we are also well into the season of Advent which will lead us into Christmas. And we are awash in miracle stories. As UUs, perhaps the most natural stance for us to take towards stories of Annunciation, Virgin Birth, Shepherds and Angels, or the Journey of the Wise Men following a Moving Star, is one of ex

Don’t Let the Light Go Out!

Unitarian Universalist Meeting House December 2, 2018 We are not celebrating Hanukkah this morning so much as framing it. First, the feast itself doesn’t begin until tonight. Another name for Hanukkah is the Festival of Lights, and in the Hindu tradition we also have a Feast of Lights, called Diwali. We are of course UUs, neither Hindu nor Jewish. To try to celebrate another religion as the people in that religion celebrate feels to me like appropriation; it cheapens the religion by treating it as one item on a smorgasbord. To actually celebrate Hanukkah we would we would light the candles of the Menorah after dark, one each night for eight nights. And it would be in the home. Rather than

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