Things That Go Bump In the Night

October 28, 2018 Unitarian Universalist Meeting House·Monday, October 29, 201824 Reads The Rev. Quillen Shinn is one of my minister heroes. A Universalist who straddled the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, he was known as the “St. Paul of the Universalist Church,” and was credited with founding 40 Universalist churches and inspiring 30 people to enter the ministry. The passage I read a moment ago is from a sermon he gave in 1900, a classic statement of Universalist belief entitled “Affirmations of Universalism.” And here in the waning days of October as we head into Hallowe’en, we have his explanation of the imaginary beings which decorate our houses, stores, paper plates and napkins and

Finding Hope, Keeping Faith

Unitarian Universalist Meeting House October 14, 2018 In the rush of news the last two weeks you may have missed an item that may prove to be more far-reaching than any of the ones we have been concerned about. The United Nations Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change, the international body charged with summarizing the global scientific evidence on that subject, issued its report for 2018, which concludes with this warning, “There is alarming evidence that important tipping points, leading to irreversible changes in major ecosystems and the planetary climate system, may already have been reached or passed. Ecosystems as diverse as the Amazon rainforest and the Arctic tundra, may be approa

Origins of Humanism

Unitarian Universalist Meeting House October 7, 2018 The first thing I want to say is that I am as saddened and shocked as many of you here at the great trauma we have been through in our national life these last two weeks, and I am deeply saddened to see yet another unfit individual assume an office of great public trust and power. Many of my ministry colleagues have scrapped their prepared remarks; I am simply going to try to address our present situation by going back 500 years to look at the long view. When I came to the Meeting House ten years ago, the congregational survey that had been done here described this congregation’s theological flavor as about 70% humanist. What does that m

Hellfire and Hypocrisy

Unitarian Universalist Meeting House September 30, 2018 Those of you who watched the Blasey/Kavanaugh hearings this week may remember a peculiar speech by Senator Lindsay Graham, decrying what he saw as the unfairness of the process by which Dr. Ford’s allegations had come to light. The senator asked Judge Kavanaugh whether he thought he had been through a job interview, and when the judge responded that the process was like a job interview, Senator Graham corrected him and said it was more like hell, and the judge agreed. What is hell? We like to say it’s a place we don’t believe in. What are other beliefs in hell like? And does it matter what we believe, as the reading we did earlier as

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