People of Summer

People of Summer the Rev. Edmund Robinson Unitarian Universalist Meeting House August 19, 2018 Just about this time of year in Chatham and surrounding towns, the summer visitors start to go back to America. There will be a day when it seems that a drain plug had suddenly been opened and the streets where you couldn’t get across or turn left with less than a five-minute wait are suddenly vacant. The yearly phenomenon is so striking to those of us who live here year around that I thought it worth a few moments of our time reflecting on what it means and what it could mean for this Meeting House. I got the title of this sermon from a bumper sticker. Now I learned early in my ministry here th

The Things That Count Most,Can‘t Be Counted

the Rev. Edmund Robinson Unitarian Universalist Meeting House August 12, 2018 Several years ago, an ad agency hired my wife Jacqueline to make a commercial for MasterCard. The commercial had a baseball theme, and she had done some of the music for Ken Burns’ film on Baseball, so the ad agency wanted to sort of quote that music. I went to the studio with her, and it took about 30 takes to get the music perfectly matched to the film, so I saw the ad many times. It opens with a Little League coach leading his team of boys into a major-league ballpark, and the announcer’s voice ticks off the amounts the coach is putting on his MasterCard: “admission tickets $48, hot dogs $26, sodas $18, big

The Transient and the Permanent in Liberal Religion

the Rev. Edmund Robinson Unitarian Universalist Meeting House August 5, 2018 Sometime early in my ministry here, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church was undergoing renovations. That church had bought their building from the Universalist Church of Chatham when that institution closed its doors in 1960. The renovations St. Christopher’s was making involved new stained-glass windows, and they offered the old windows to us, since we were sort of the spiritual descendants of those early Universalists. We took them in provisionally, and then spent a year trying to figure out what to do with them. They were not stained glass, they were colored glass, in bad shape and of a style which did not go

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