Pete Seeger’s 99th Birthday

Sunday Sermon May 6, 2018 - We will celebrate the life of the great activist and folk singer with a service dedicated to the wisdom and heart in his songs and actions, supplemented by photographs from Orleans photographers Maxine Smith and John Economos, who documented the last decade of Pete’s life.

AI and Surveillance Capitalism

AI and Surveillance Capitalism the Rev. Edmund Robinson Unitarian Universalist Meeting House April 29, 2018 Some of us may be inclined to say, “what’s the big deal about artificial intelligence? I love being able to look anything up I want on Google, I love that I can ask Siri, the robotic voice in my smartphone, to find the nearest dry-cleaner and get results right away. I love that I can feed in a sentence in Serbo-Croatian and have it translated into English for me. Someday soon AI may drive my car. What’s not to like about AI?” Here in 2018, the developments in computer science which go under the name Artificial Intelligence, or AI, have become big business. Most

Earth Day Present

April 22, 2018 - Earth Day Present Forty-eight years after the first Earth Day, what is the score? Are we making progress towards an accommodation between the harm done by human habitation and the needs of nature?

Sunday, April 15, 2018 - Silent No More – Unlocking Voices of Older Poets Peter Saunders

Former UUMH Member Peter Saunders returns to our pulpit to help us celebrate Poetry Month. Peter facilitates poetry workshops for the elderly, prolonging their cognitive ability. The service will be followed by a reading from poet Erica Funkhouser from her new book Post and Rail at 1 PM. Poetic pizza will be served at coffee hour to sustain us all between service and reading.

Three UU Spiritual Journeys

Sunday's Sermon April, 8th Three UU Spiritual Journeys We welcome to our pulpit three of our members, Dorria Marsh, Dwight Wilson, and Debbie Zahka, who will speak to us about their chosen faith, expressed perhaps as a spiritual quest or journey, or as how they have arrived here as their kind of UU.

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​Sunday Service 10:30 AM

Unitarian Universalist

Meeting House of Chatham

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