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March 25, 2018 Palm Sunday Gospel Service with Southern Rail In the calendar of Western Christianity, this is the Sunday before Easter, called Palm Sunday. It is the beginning of Holy Week, when the gospel accounts say Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey while adoring crowds waved palm fronds and greeted him as the Messiah. Traditionally a time for celbration, for hosannas and hallelujahs. One of my UU colleagues is observing Palm Sunday by kicking off her pledge drive with a live donkey which the members will bid on. She calls it her “get your ass to church” campaign. Here in Chatham, we have no donkey, we have no palm fronds but we do have palms, see [holds up hands]. We can put th

The Only Country In Which These Kinds of Things Happen

The title of this sermon comes from a meme, a statement that a friend posts on social media every time there is a mass killing, and it goes something like this: “There’s no way to prevent these kinds of things, say the only country in which it happens regularly.” I’m sure it didn’t originate with my friend; it’s the kind of thing which gets reposted because it seems to respond to the horror, weariness, discouragement of gun control advocates. In one sense it doesn’t matter whether it’s true, for it articulates what we feel. And that would be all right if gun control advocates were talking in a vacuum or to our own mirrors or in our own bubbles. But the reading I just did reminds us that m

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