Is That a Thing?

It isn’t like there are hip people somewhere who are clued in to everything. One thing that constant exposure toother people’s opinions and

From Ragtime to Rap

For Black History month, I want to lift up a very small and quirky sample of the rich and astonishingly various contributions that African A

Evolution of Love

This sermon has become irresistible for this time of year. Early February gives us a conjunction of Darwin’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day. Many years ago a professor named Michael Zimmerman started the Clergy Letter Project in which ministers sign to publicly show out support for the theory of evolution and we agree to preach on the topic on the Sunday closest to Darwin’s birthday, which has come to be called Evolution Sunday.But Evolution Sunday is also Love Sunday, and there couldn’t be a more central religious value than love in Unitarian Universalism. We don’t have saints, but if we did, St. Valentine would be high on our list. So let’s start with his story. It is of course, shrouded in

The Fox And the Hedgehog

My colleague Scotty McLennan is, like me, a UU minister, member of the Yale class of 1970, and a lawyer as well. He got his law and divinity degrees at the same time, and he wrote a thesis for his divinity degree comparing the mindset of the lawyer with that of the minister. He said the lawyer’s job was always to take something big and amorphous and chop it down to size. The client comes in with a long story and the lawyer has to figure out what part of it will fit in court. So the lawyer starts with something big and makes it little. The minister, on the other hand, takes something little and makes it big. Let me tell you what happened to me in the bagel shop yesterday which shows the

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